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Young, Indonesian, hijab-wearing, female metal trio Voice Of Baceprot (VOB) firstly garnered prestigious global media attention when the video of the band, playing their own song "The Enemy Of Earth Is You" both in studio and local stages in Garut stormed the internet in 2017 when they were still in vocational school. Later in that year, the song have been played with a full orchestra (Erwin Gutawa Orchestra) in front of the audience in the capital city of Jakarta.

Consisting of Marsya (vocals and guitar), Widi (bass), and Siti (drums), the trio first met when they were still in Islamic Junior High School (Madrasah Tsanawiyah) students in their hometown of Singajaya, a small village two hours’ drive away from the city of Garut, West Java.

Their teacher Cep Ersa Ekasusila Satia (aka Abah Erza) who introduced & taught them musical instruments was also the one behind the name "Voice of Baceprot".

The word “Baceprot” comes from the Sundanese language meaning “Noisy”. It was chosen to represent the type of music that they play.

Since their formation, VOB have become a point of discussion for a host of renowned global media, including The New York Times, NPR, BBC, DW, Reuters and The Guardian, featuring them in the pages of their online publication. VOB were recently named by heavy metal and rock magazine Metal Hammer as “the Metal Band the World Needs Right Now”.


vob at soundsfest experience
Saturday, 22 June 2024

Soundsfest Experience – Voice of Baceprot road to Glastonbury

Venue: Ballroom Kuningan City, P6-P7 Jl. Prof. DR. Satrio No. 18, Kuningan, Karet Kuningan, Setiabudi, Jakarta Selatan, Jakarta, Indonesia
VoB - Downstairs At The Dome - United Kingdom
Wednesday, 26 June 2024

Downstairs At The Dome

Venue: Downstairs At The Dome London, United Kingdom
VoB at Glastonbury Festival
Friday, 28 June 2024

Glastonbury Festival 2024

Venue: Woodsies Area - Glastonbury Festival Worthy Farm, Pilton-Somerset, England, United Kingdom



baceprotbaceprot - May 22, 2024

Voice of Baceprot Kembali ke Akar

baceprotbaceprot - May 22, 2024



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Wednesday, 1 May 2024

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